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Essential thinking

Eight years have passed since we moved to the office in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku.

Ten years ago, on March 11, 2011, I moved here after the horrific earthquake.

I've been working on graphic design in my 20s, 30s and 40s, but I'm working hard every day and I don't remember each 30 years. It feels like a timeless momentary event.

When I was doing graphic design, I worked in a closed world. In the future, I expanded the genre of my work and launched an art gallery. I also wanted to do something new, different from the existing galleries. When I think about it, I met various people and tried various things, but even if I tried new things, it didn't work.

It's been eight years since I moved to this place, and I'm glad I've become a corona and can't meet people. It means that you have to focus on what's important rather than trying different things.

Good relationships do not necessarily mean that you will have a wider network of contacts. Rather, we need the courage to decline. Until now, I had the illusion that meeting many people would bring about something new. After all, nothing happened. Rather, it is important to secure time to study for yourself and to communicate by yourself.

The truth cannot be seen by just thinking lightly. The more you think, think, think, and think more, the more you have to dig deeper into one theme and make it your own. That is essential thinking.

Even so, the appearance of the office is exactly the same as it was eight years ago.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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