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Color vibrations

Anyone who has studied color is one of the basics that everyone goes through, but the substances in this world are not colored, but the reflection of light that hits the substance and bounces off. What is reflected is the wave energy called electromagnetic vibrations. There are vibrations in the sound, sound vibrations, and the sea, and it is said that "vibrations match" in human relationships.

Do you remember when you were in elementary school, when you used a prism to shine sunlight in a scientific experiment, seven rainbow colors were separated? Newton proved that it was only a small part of the color visible to the naked eye. As shown in the figure above, the colors that humans can perceive are called visible rays, and only some are called 380 nm (nanometers) to 780 nm. If it is lower than 380 nm, it becomes ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and γ-rays (gamma rays), and if it is higher than 780 nm, it becomes infrared rays and radio waves. X-rays are electromagnetic waves from 1pm (picometer, 1pm = 0.001nm) to 10nm, and are X-rays when inspected in hospitals. In the physics class, I feel like I learned that the smallest unit of matter is the atomic nucleus, and that molecules rotate around it and cause vibration. (If I knew that it was connected to such a mysterious thing, I should have studied more) The human body is also a substance, and the smallest unit of its cells is the atomic nucleus, which also emits vibrations. People who feel happy, surrounded by their favorite things, their favorite friends and their loved ones, will be surrounded by good vibrations.

If you can't do that, why not use it? In other words, what is your favorite color? What is your favorite What is a comfortable job to spend with? What is more rewarding than income in doing your favorite job? The art recommended by authoritative people is not always good, but what is your favorite art? If you keep thinking and stick it on scrap, you will surely find it.

If you keep sending like that, you will surely be able to receive good vibrations.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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