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VIGLOWA Dazzling Life Collaboration01

What would you think if you had only half the water in your glass in the desert? Do you think it's no good because there is only half the water in the glass? Can you survive because there is half the water in the glass?

For more than 20 years, I wondered if I could make this idea visual, so I talked to various photographers and took pictures myself. When I hit a wall, I encouraged myself, saying, "There is still half the water in the glass!"

Our grand concept is based on the theme of Dazzling Life, so we wanted to express the water in this glass with Dazzle (dazzlingly beautiful, glittering shine). I love Dazzling Life a few years ago when my American friend Adam Weston talked about my thoughts and named me.

I tried to visualize it by trial and error for the past year, but I couldn't find anything that I could understand due to technical limitations. This summer, while talking with photographer Yoshiyasu Hashida, I was asked "Let's try it?" And officially asked for it as our branding visual.

For Mr. Hashida, why is half the water in the glass? He was asked how to connect it with Dazzling Life.

Everybody has a part of yin and yang in life, and each time we have to pave the way for ourselves. Even if I desperately resist the rough seas and do my best, I repeat 3 steps and 2 steps down. There is sadness, there is joy, there is hope in despair. I told him that I wanted to make such a feeling visual.

Until I got to this picture, I seriously collided with Mr. Hashida many times. However, I don't really sympathize with bright and refreshing things. Life seems to shine brilliantly because there is melancholy in life and we try to overcome it. From this visual, I feel hope in despair. The dripping, water droplets look like tears. But the intense magenta color inspires passion.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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