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Happy New Year! 2022

Happy New Year, everyone.

The new year is finally over. Since I was a kid, I have made good plans for the year, saying, "The total for the year is on New Year's Day," but the challenge for each year is how long we can continue to do so.

This year, unlike usual, I'm thinking, "I wish I could be such a person," rather than planning.

In a dark world, there are people who illuminate the surroundings like the sun.Being together makes me feel positive, and just listening to my voice makes me feel more energetic, and the energy overflows from the bottom of my heart. The person himself has the ability to act, and he immediately puts his thoughts into practice and realizes his wishes.

I wonder where that power comes from, but I think it's the brightness. No matter how detailed your plans are on New Year's Day, you can't beat "Fortune comes to the laughing gate."

The mass media fuels anxiety and tries to earn viewership. How bright the world would be if the media were full of laughter. The combat uniform of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces is also dark. How about a military uniform with a pink floral pattern? If the enemy country attacks, it should be bright and cute so that the opponent loses the fighting spirit. Japan has abandoned the war, so I think it's okay to do that much.

I can complain as much as I can because the economy is bad, the politics is bad, and the world situation is unstable, but bright people are bright in any era. And the one who does it, do it!

Fortune comes naturally to those who keep laughing.

My bad habit is to wrinkle my eyebrows and try to do everything perfectly.

I wish I could be such an ideal person.

We look forward to working with you this year as well.




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