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Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

● Fine art business

Recruitment of contract writers
(Photographer, painter, printmaker, object writer, etc.)
Newcomers will support artist activities, special exhibitions, etc.

We also help those who do not know how to put together a concept or statement.
We welcome those who can grow up with VIGLOWA.

Conditions for handling writers
I would like to handle paintings, photographs, prints, and objects that suit the interior. It is a condition that you can sympathize with VIGLOWA's Statement . The selection criteria for the work is not an unpleasant work that exudes the artist's passion, but a work that enriches the hearts of the viewer, is comfortable, sophisticated, and is premised on decorating the room.

In addition, the artist's statement is always required for the work.

Some writers say, "If you look at the work, you will understand it," but at VIGLOWA, please add a statement so that the customers who purchase it will understand the highlights of the work.


Model recruitment

We are looking for models for new works by photographers, painters and other artists, regardless of gender. First of all, please send us an entry sheet with your own photo.


Recruitment of hair and makeup / stylist

We are looking for hair and makeup artists and stylists for making promotional videos for our company.


Recruitment of music producers

We are planning collaborations with music producers and musicians.




Recruitment of external brains



● Commercial design business

Copywriter, photographer, illustrator, web creator * First of all, please send your profile, achievements, works, etc. from the email form below.


Thank you for your inquiry.

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