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My mission Statement

A beautiful, glowing, ring.

The origin of my actions is to give people's hearts and the world a beautiful glow.
To do that, not selfishness, but with compassion and compassion for others,
Aim for personalism that allows you to interact brightly.
Be honest with yourself and others
We will strive to make friends who can contribute to society in order to enhance each other and create a comfortable world.

Rather than judging the value of people and things by the size of the top and bottom,

the value is judged by the agreement of actions and actions.

I am truly pleased with the success of others and do not envy them.
Don't resent or criticize others, even if they hurt you.
In response, he does not react at all, switches his mind to what he should do, enriches his heart, and strives to influence the world.
And instead of relying on others or the blame of the world, they become independent human beings.

For young people and the weak, he has a humble attitude of never being overwhelmed and learning things that he does not have.
Always be aware of the meaning of being born and alive in this world, and have a feeling of gratitude.

Instead of trying to get the other person's attention, try to get the other person's attention
Put the happiness of those who support you first.
Make an effort to direct the energy directed to you to others as much as possible.
Think and do what you can do to make others happy and pleased.

No matter how painful or painful it may be, I will continue without giving up, always envision our bright future,

and never lose hope at any time.
Keeping these things in mind, I will never forget the attitude of elevating myself and learning humbly for the rest of my life.


Hidetoshi Shinohara

VIGLOWA is Vi “Meaning beautiful in Japanese” + glow+ wa “Meaning ring in Japanese”

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