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Pursue comfort and beauty.

The origin of our idea is to think from people's Life.

That Life is "I want to give glow to people's lives."

The wish is at the root.

VIGLOWA forms a circle with friends who can share values

I aim to keep myself glowing beautifully.

The energy is amplified and spreads in a circle,

I hope it will be a comfortable world .....


Hidetoshi Shinohara
Art director / Graphic Designer

Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA)

Born June 7, 1959 in Hokkaido. After working for several advertising production companies, He joined Kansai Super Studio Co., Ltd. in 1991. In collaboration with fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, he works on the art direction for KANSAI SUPER EVENT in Miyazaki, Russia, etc. In addition, he participates in a wide range of projects, from marketing his own Kansai brand to product development. After establishing Studio Zap, he has worked on many brand designs with the aim of marketing, concept, and total creative. In April 2011, Gallery VIGLOWA opened in the design company. In July of the same year, the company name was changed to VIGLOWA Inc.

Currently, he produces artists mainly in online shops, sells art, and is also engaged in creative activities such as art, design, and video with the theme of Dazzling Life.

VIGLOWA is Vi “Meaning beautiful in Japanese” + glow+ wa “Meaning ring in Japanese”

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