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Even though July is about to end, there is no sign that the rainy season will end. Due to the influence of the coronavirus, everyone refrains from going out as much as possible, so they rarely meet people. By this time, it should have been crowded with the Tokyo Olympics. From here, you can see the National Stadium towering in front of you after walking for 3 minutes. Isn't it important to change your thinking in such a case? It's hard, it's hard, but there's no time when it's not hard. People are always big and small and have problems. Life is hard.

I watched the perfect movie at such a time. The title is Rain. A work directed by Wim Wenders. If it didn't rain at that time ... 6 tragedy that happened at the same time and place.

A mature couple eats at a restaurant on a rainy day. The husband who takes his wife out says, "Enjoy a beautiful rainy day! A wonderful life." He triumphantly escorts his wife and goes out together. On the way back, it was pouring down, and the two were waiting for a signal to pick up a taxi, and a one-armed veteran homeless begged his wife for food. The wife refuses, but the husband asks the homeless, "How about dessert?" From here, the couple's views are different and it becomes a big quarrel.

Even after I got home, my opinions were parallel. His wife argues that helping one homeless person does not help the world's homeless people or those in need."I don't want to destroy the happiness I finally got," says his wife. Her husband just wanted to do something good for someone. Not the world, a little kindness. I don't think you'll be unhappy just because you're blessed with the takeaway desserts left in the restaurant. Reaching out to the person in need in front of you makes you feel like your heart is being washed. If an elderly person is having trouble with heavy luggage on the stairs of a station, you may want to help. Is it only me who feels that the freshness of being kind to people is bright in front of me and opens up the future?

When it comes to the beauty of this puddle, it seems that some water spirit dwells in it.

Every year, during the rainy season, I was annoyed and depressed, and I couldn't wait for summer. Like the husband of a mature couple in this movie, the line "Beautiful rainy night ...", yes, the rain is beautiful. Even a slight change in thinking makes me feel happy. What did you hate about the rain? Yes, it's getting soaked. Even if I wear waterproof leather shoes, it stains to the inside, socks and trousers are soaked, and one shoulder is wet even though I am holding an umbrella. What's wrong, it's damp and I hate soaking.

But this year is different. I thought that this would not solve anything, so I bought a Gore-Tex rain jacket when it rained, and on a rainy day I went out with full defense to capture the beautiful moments of the rain. It takes about 20 minutes on foot to reach Gaien Ginkgo Namiki-dori. There are benches on the street at the same intervals. When I looked under the bench, there was a big puddle. The iron on the bench was reflected in the puddle, and I was able to spend a quiet time as if I were in the woods.

Because of this era, let's try something different! A wonderful life!



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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