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Become "nothing" ...

It's not just about working hard at your desk.

Just like Shuji Terayama's book "Throw Away Books, Let's Go to the City", I headed to Enoshima again this week to be guided by something.

From the last reflection, I made a schedule from the previous day and left in the morning.

I arrived at Enoshima around noon on weekdays, but there were few tourists and it was quiet.

There was a world apart from the wide sea, the big sky, the sound of waves, the barking of seabirds, and the hustle and bustle of the city.

When I was young, I had been there several times, but as I got older, I felt more renewed, so I didn't think about going to Enoshima.

Anyway, to try something new, empty your head once. By organizing the hard disk in my head a little, you can increase the capacity and store new information.

Therefore, it becomes "nothing" ...

Oh, the blue sky and the wide sea ... how beautiful! Don't think about it.

What is a tetrapod? Check it out on Wikipedia. Well, in Japanese it's called a wave-dissipating block. What prevents coastal erosion ....

Don't think about it.

The black kite drew a circle around. I wonder if this scene hasn't changed since long ago.

Become "nothing" ...

When I was looking at the sea, the color of the sky changed. Beyond the sea is the Americas ...

Become "nothing" ...

How difficult is it to be empty? What is "nothing"? The inside of my head was filled with the Chinese character "nothing".



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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