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Etheric Body

What is really important is invisible. I tried to visualize the invisible thing.

Many cannot believe what is invisible. Since no one has seen the afterlife, I think many people are skeptical. Does the soul really exist?

Again, no one can give a definite answer.

The etheric body is a type of aura that covers about 5 cm above human skin, and is equivalent to "ki" in the Orient. Humans emit vibrations due to the beating of the heart. The vibration of the heart propagates through the skin and the etheric body covering the surface of the body by air vibration.

Why do you have feelings such as "unpleasant premonition", "wavelength does not match this person", or "this place is somewhat uncomfortable"? In my case, when I come in contact with people, that premonition always hits the mark. I'm an adult, so I can't refuse it outright, so I treat him as if nothing had happened. Most notable is the encounter with new people. It is categorized as either wanting to talk to this person all the time, or wanting to round up the story immediately with a flattery.

The smallest unit of all matter is the atomic nucleus, and electrons spin around the atomic nucleus to emit vibrational energy. Since colors also have wavelengths, the frequencies are transmitted as waves due to air vibration. Sound is generated by vibration in the air. That's why people have different favorite colors and favorite music.

If we could see the etheric body visually, the aura containing the etheric body of the sick and healthy would be obvious. Perhaps the etheric body is the main and the physical body is the sub. If so, it means that if you prepare the etheric body, you will be healthy.

For that purpose, it may be important to see and touch beautiful things to develop sensitivity, listen to beautiful music, and think positively about things. By the way, people who enjoy doing what they love are alive. For work people who cannot switch on and off, the etheric body becomes muddy. It's important to have a hobby, even if it doesn't seem to be useful in your life.

People who lost one arm in an accident are said to have the feeling of an arm for a while. The etheric body is like a bridge that connects the physical body and the astral body. When a person dies, the physical, astral, and mental bodies disappear, but the ether corps is said to remain there for 49 days.

By training, it seems that the etheric body becomes easier to feel. People with strong artistic sensibilities can also feel the etheric body. In addition, the etheric body acts while waking up in the morning and awakening consciousness until falling asleep. The etheric body is also useful when you are worried about some important choice.

Polishing the etheric body also cultivates sensitivity and acquires correct thinking ability. And it seems to mean that I am a living proof in this world.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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