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Go to the fitness gym again.

A year and a half after I stopped going to the fitness gym, I gained 8kg.

He makes excuses because he's getting tired of going to the 〝Fitness Gym Oasis” next to the Jingu Stadium in front of Gaien, where he used to go.

Because there is an uncle who pretends to play golf at a short bar for dumbbells in a free weight corner. When I'm doing a bench press or barbell squat, I can't concentrate on training if the bar flies and my skull collapses.

Even if I tell the staff, they will listen to the story, but there is no sign of caution.

The second reason is that one person is limited to one set so as not to occupy the machine. Normally, 3 sets are basic while taking intervals, but that is no longer possible. Here, the problem with Gaienmae Oasis is that there are too few types of machines.

The third reason is that from the fall of 2019, in addition to the above, heavy rains continued due to the typhoon, and I lost my energy. If this wasn't the case, it was 2020 while I was looking for another gym nearby.

For more than half a year Since I haven't been to the oasis, I decided to cancel the contract in February, and the corona pandemic began. Immediately after visiting the Gold's Gym Harajuku Annex store beside the Takeshita exit of Meiji-dori in Harajuku in March, a state of emergency was announced.

Then, for another year, I was scared of the horror of Corona, and I became lack of exercise. And in April, Gold's Gym started going. Gold's Gym had a strong image for athletes, but when I joined it, I got the most motivation of all the gyms I've ever had.

The Gold's Gym Harajuku Annex store is new, so the facilities are new.

It makes a checklist of free menus for beginners up to 6 times, and on the way, it checks the form of how to use the machine. They will give you counseling on what kind of body you want to have, the number of training sessions, types, and meals.

After that, the beginner course menu will be created up to 1 to 4, 6 times each. In the same way, it will also check the trainer on the way.

Currently, the beginner course 3 has been completed. At the moment, weight loss of 3 kg. Beginner course 4 will start next week. After that, it seems that they will create a menu individually.

The staff are very friendly and I am excited to go to the gym on training days three days a week.

What is the difference between this service? Obviously, going back to the starting point, it's all about the customer-first principle that leads to all businesses.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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