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I wanted to be wrapped in the setting sun ...

From today, it's December.

It's every year, but I wonder if this month will pass by in a blink of an eye.

When I was working at my computer in front of my desk every day, I suddenly wanted to see the sea.

I don't know why, but I packed my camera in my bag and headed for Enoshima.

It's already dusk and the setting sun is setting.

You can see Enoshima on the other side, but today I'm standing by the beach without thinking about anything. I decided not to think about anything, but I think about various things. When I thinks about becoming "nothing", the word "nothing" comes to her mind.

It's a luxury to come to see the sea alone at this time on weekdays. On the beach at dusk, lovers are close to each other. A high school couple is jumping up to avoid the rushing waves at the beach.

Is this kind of casualness happy?

Don't be afraid, I came here today to get rid of my head because of my daily fatigue, but I'm wondering if it's my daily habit.

It becomes "nothing". By cleaning up the thoughts in my head and emptying them, I think I'm motivated to start something again.

The departure was late, so it got dark in no time. Let's eat Shirasudon and go home!



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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