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Ice Break

On the weekend, I met my three-year-older cousin and my five-year-old younger cousin who runs a dining bar.

These three have always been good relationship since they were children.

My older cousin was able to study with his big brother, took in new things, and always followed his back and was a longing target.

Even now, even when I meet with other cousins, the three always make silly jokes and laugh out loud. I'm kind of happy that this relationship hasn't changed since I was a kid. And what the three have in common is that they are the eldest son. Before I knew it, I named it "the eldest son's association" and it became "super difficult".

When these three people met, I wondered why they could always play, but they shared the same values ​​as they had paved the way and overcame the rough seas.

At first glance, it seems to be a silly story, but it is said that in order to succeed in business, it is not a loss to devote about 90% of energy to dispel the alertness of the other party.

This is called Ice Break. Literally, it means crushing ice.

In other words, people who meet for the first time are very cautious and nervous about each other.

It is necessary to release the defense of the other party, saying, "This person seems to be relieved."

All three have different occupations, but I can rest assured that Ice Break is naturally acquired. Sometimes it goes too far and instead of "crushing the ice", it "melts the ice and turns it into water ..."

If I closed my cousin's shop during the self-restraint period and talked about Ice Break while eating with three people,

The owner's cousin brought out a bottle called Ice Breaker from the back.

It seems to be sake made by an Englishman.



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