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In search of brilliance

This year, the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled due to the corona disaster, and the world is in a dark mood. Around May, self-restraint and self-restraint police appeared, and here Harajuku was like a ghost town. Nowadays, it's crowded with people, but not as much as during peak hours.

When I read posts on SNS etc., many people say, "In this dark age with corona", but I don't think it's so dark. Rather, I wondered if there was something to be done in such an era. In the first place, attending a drinking party and making connections, I wonder what it was that I went out on the weekend thinking that this was also part of my work.

Will that really expand your network? The number of business cards increased, and when I was told, "Let's do something together next time," I proposed a collaboration project, but I haven't done it until the end. Here, we face each other seriously, plan various things, and proceed, but when we are praised as "Like, like!", We proceed in good condition, and when we look back, no one is gone.

If you compare it to mountain climbing, you will be encouraged by taking everyone, aiming for the summit, and when you look back, there is no one. When I tell this story to a close friend, I always regret that I am bad because I am told that "you are easy to be deceived" and "people are too good". Is that so?

As a point of reflection, I'm too serious about it, so everyone hates it. But if you try to step into an unknown world that no one is doing, wouldn't it be serious?

When I thought so, I thought it would be good to do it alone. It's very convenient for me because it's a mood to refrain from meeting people at this time. I walked to Harajuku for a distraction. In the evening hours, when you head from the office to Harajuku, you will be directly exposed to the west sun. I like the brilliance from daytime to evening. The same scenery of Harajuku as usual.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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