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Merry Christmas!

So this is Christmas!

Who would have expected this era to come?

Let's think about fun things without thinking too much about today!

Life has mountains and valleys. How peaceful Japan is when you look around the world.

Closing my eyes reminds me of memories of the distant past. I think that was in the lower grades of elementary school in the mid-1960s. The house I lived in at that time was in Sapporo, and the exterior was made of brick with a chimney and was made in Scandinavian style. There is a mantelpiece in the living room, and I really thought that Santa would come in from the outside chimney at Christmas.

At that time, Sapporo had more snow than it does now, and it was snowing outside the windows. In the dry snow of the northern country, the snowflakes that have fallen on the palm are clearly visible and disappear one by one. Such a scene is really in front of me, so I can only think of a reindeer bringing Santa on a sleigh.

During the day, when decorating a Christmas tree with my mother, I placed an LP record on a wood-grained stereo record player and dropped the record needle, and I heard a "Silent night" with the noise peculiar to analog records. My mother played the piano to the song.

I wrote down what I wanted on a piece of paper and put it on the bedside, and the next morning, the present was properly placed. I was surprised at that.

Japan was developing steadily and was full of dreams and hopes. Year after year, homes were getting bigger, furniture was gorgeous, cars were new, 100 million total middle-class societies were established, and everyone was affluent.

Good old days.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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