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Raindorop 01

Every year, the rainy season is annoying, so I wonder if summer will come early. I thought. However, this year's me is a little different. From May, a request for self-restraint was issued, and everyone was hikikomori and did not meet people anymore.

These days, I may think that you are very comfortable and unfriendly by yourself. The voice of my heart was honest with me. You don't have to have friends. Instead of relying on others, I have to be in a position to become more prosperous and to communicate ...

Chopin's Prelude # 15 In D Flat, Op. 28/15, "Raindrop" is one of the piano assignments that I started two years ago. Listening to this song makes him want to go for a walk on a rainy day. Why did you ever hate going out on a rainy day? I really didn't like my shoes getting wet in the rain, my pants getting wet, and my hair getting damp and messy.

For some reason, one side of my body gets wet even if I stab an umbrella. However, it was Chopin's song that blew away such a negative image. By all means, I have come to want to coexist with the rain. I wanted to see the expression of rain closer.

So, just before the full-scale rainy season, I went to the North Face Harajuku store, bought a Gore-Tex rain jacket, and waited for a rainy day.

In mid-June, it began to rain in earnest. When the rain gets stronger during work, I get upset and wrap myself in Gore-Tex, attach the camera to a tripod, cover the lens with rain hood, and walk about 10 minutes from the office to Gaien. I hurried to Namiki-dori.

As a self-proclaimed, sunny man, when you arrive at the scene, it rains less and you lose motivation. He goes into a cafe along the street and kills time. I waited for about 3 hours, but the weather forecast was off and the rain stopped that day. After repeating such a thing 3-4 times, it finally rained. I changed my clothes in a hurry and went out without an umbrella. That day, the umbrella of a person walking in the wind was upside down. I don't use an umbrella because I'm Gore-Tex. What a fun rainy day! I'm so excited.

When you reach Gaien Namiki-dori, open the tripod and point your camera at the small puddle under the Ginkgo-lined trees. While looking through the viewfinder, "Like, like, I want more rain!" Make a sound like raindrops popping out. Occasionally, large raindrops falling from the leaves add strength to the sound of the rain.

Raindrops that fall into a puddle jump up drop by drop, and when they fall on a stone, they spread into a fluffy ring. It's as if the ballerina was spinning with Ston and crouching down.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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