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The Tokyo Olympics are over

This year, the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year, was held.

About a minute's walk from my office, you will see the New National Stadium on Gaien Nishi-dori.

When I moved here eight years ago, I was hoping that if the Olympics were held, people from all over the world would be able to gather and attract customers to my art gallery.

In Corona, the Olympics were canceled last year, and the world was in a dark mood. This year, a few months before the Olympics began, the public shouted to Sprehikor on Gaien Nishi-dori, "Stop the Olympics! Don't waste your taxes!"

The noise of the demonstration procession was very noisy up to my office.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympics were held, but since it was broadcast on the TV of the sports gym, I was watching it while practicing. Young Japanese girls won medals one after another on skateboards. In the end, Japan won 27 gold medals, including gold, silver and bronze, for a total of 58.

On the day of the opening ceremony, when I was working, it was so noisy that I went outside. When you leave the office, you will see the new National Stadium in the immediate vicinity. It's a national stadium so close, but when I went to see the exterior for the first time in a while, a big wall was blocked and traffic was restricted by police officers and barricades on the road. Are they wary of terrorism?

In addition, as the corona infection spread, the Governor of Tokyo refrained from going out and called for watching the game on TV. But what is the congestion of this person? The psychology of the masses is strange, even though you can't enter the New National Stadium. In Japan, many people are flocking out of the national stadium, perhaps thinking that this is the last Olympics.

Where did those who were so opposed to hosting the Olympics go?

At the New National Stadium Design Competition, despite the fact that Zaha Hadid was selected as the first prize, Japanese architects argued that the construction budget would be significantly exceeded. As a result, Zaha Hadid's proposal was rejected. Zaha Hadid suggested that the design could be changed according to the budget, but the Japanese did not listen. With this, there is no point in making a competition. I like the organic and futuristic Zaha Hadid proposal. In comparison, the design of the New National Stadium looks like a toilet bowl when viewed from above.

PHOTO: COURTESY OF ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS(The photo is the original design proposalQuoted from COURRiER web site

New National Stadium photo/Quoted from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun web

Toilet photo/Quoted from the News excite. web

While the budget for the opening ceremony is said to be 16.5 billion yen, it is said that Dentsu cut out 94% and actually spent only about 1 billion yen. At the end of last year, Dentsu announced a deficit of 159.5 billion yen.

What's going on in Japan.



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