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Training shoes

Sports gym's trainer pointed out my shoes.

He seems that I've been interested in it for a long time, but the shoes I'm wearing now are suitable for running on Nike Air, but not for muscle training. Until now, I had never been told that in any gym, so I never thought of shoes.

Especially when doing free weights, the sole should be hard and thin.

Immediately, I went to the Harajuku Nike store on my way home from the gym.

Previously, the other gyms I attended were completely abandoned, so my training may have been selfish. I used to do barbell squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, and I thought I would do it, but once I got some strength, I couldn't develop any further.

At Gold's Gym, a menu is organized every two weeks, and there are a great number of types of equipment, so you can do muscle training while making changes. I want to do barbell squats, deadlifts and bench presses soon, but the staff doesn't recommend it. Little by little, I started to incorporate free weights, but first of all, I was forced to do squats with my own weight.

If the trainer checks the form in detail, it will be quite tight even under its own weight.

And since this shoe has a thin sole, it can move up and down stably without swaying back and forth even with its own weight squat.

If you can raise a barbell of about 200 kg, there is a harder sole for advanced users.

It's not that far yet, so I chose shoes that are soft enough to be aerobic.

I realized that strength training is effective with a little ingenuity.

The half-hearted idea is that the results will also be half-hearted.



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