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VIGLOWA Dazzling Life Trial 001

It's hard to find someone who understands Dazzling Life. In such cases, it is necessary to show and announce it concretely.

VIGLOWA is Vi “Meaning beautiful in Japanese” + glow+ wa “Meaning ring in Japanese”

The theme is beauty, but each person's perception of beauty is different. I want to make people's lives shine beautifully, so I provide art to the world. Dazzling Life is a concept word created by further narrowing down.

Listening to Beethoven's Piano Sonata #14 Chapter 1 "Moonlight" gave me an image. I don't know if this is Dazzle, but I decided to put it into practice anyway. Dazzle is dazzlingly beautiful. It means something that is brilliant and beautiful.

t has been said for more than 20 years that Japan will have a super-mature society. However, far from being a mature society, he is called a politician, he is called the top of a company, he is called an adult, and he has become a self-degrading society.

Why did this happen? Today's top politicians and big companies are as old as I was in my 50s and 60s. When these people were college students, they changed from the 1970s to the 1980s, and the Japanese economy was in full swing until around 1992. Japan's GDP was wondering if it would overtake the United States. Americans burned Japanese cars and did something like Chinese some time ago.

Our older generation, around 70 years old, was in the era of student activism. They were hungry for intellectual information, read difficult books, denied capitalist bourgeoisie, and recommended Marx and Leninist socialism. The main criminals of the United Red Army in the Asama-Sansou incident were all prestigious university elites.

The era of student activism is over, and at the Osaka Expo and the Sapporo Winter Olympics, where the economy is booming, there is no movement to change Japan at the risk of life. It's our generation. And for this generation, adults have stopped empowering young people to think for the reflection of previous generations.

In the 1980s, young Japanese in the bubble era became obsessed with Shibuya's casual joint parties and best-selling novels bearing the name of the luxury brand "Somehow Crystal," while women became obsessed with bodycon fashion and Maharaja disco. Dancing crazy until morning, the company president wore an Armani suit, a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand, and a Mercedes-Benz ride, sprinkled with money. The young man rode the BMW 3 Series and was ridiculed that it was the Roppongi Corolla(Toyota popular car). Many of our industry photographers are Mercedes-Benz station wagons. I have never seen college students playing and studying. But there were some serious students.

Around that time, friends from Meiji University and Hosei University formed a band and invited me to a joint party. The female college students around me asked me, "What are your hobbies?", So when I said "I like rock music," the moment I said, "The appearance of rock music is important!", The female college student saw me. They laughed at me. I was embarrassed and my face was about to catch fire, so I kept silent.

Those who have spent such young people are in power at the top. According to Shu Yamaguchi, who became the bestseller of "Why the world's elite fosters aesthetic awareness," this generation is called the intellectual hollowing out generation. After graduating from a prestigious university, a person of this age who has excellent school studies but has no essential education. If you can graduate from university, you will be safe until you enter a first-class company and retire.

When talking to people from different industries in this generation, with the exception of some, what college do you graduate from, what company do you work for, and what is your car? How many times do you travel abroad?

I'm not interested in talking about art. In other words, there is no education other than studying at school. In other words, I'm not very sensitive because I'm not educated about emotions. So you can only see the numbers that make money. People who are motivated to do anything if they make a profit.

When a politician with poor sensitivity does politics, he lacks sensitivity and imagination, so he cannot imagine the people, that is, he has no imagination. Moreover, no politician wants to improve Japan. They have changed from politicians to politicians to profit from vested interests.

Japanese companies are enthusiastic about making things in a technological powerhouse and have no strategy. Most of them are made in China these days. Meanwhile, the United States has dominated the world with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon .... systems and strategies.

From now on, it will take 30 to 50 years even if Japan notices it and shifts to focus on strategy. Even America took that much.

What I can do is to provide the world with vibrant beauty. As an individual, I would like to convey that there is a little hope in despair.



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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