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Welcome to the dragon

I had samething to do in Hiroo, and when I was taking a walk for a while, I found a temple called Korin-in.Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto is the head temple, and seems to be a famous Zen Buddhist temple that has produced from famous Zen monks such as Ikkyu and Takuan to Sen no Rikyu.

When I heard that it was Sen no Rikyu, I suddenly got high tension.

As soon as you leave Hiroo Station, there is a shopping street, which is called Hiroo Walking Street. If you go straight through it, you will see old temples that you can't think of in the middle of the city. Korin-in is in that corner.

When I went down the gate, there was a Chozuya, and a dragon whose faucet was covered with a magnificent patina welcomed me.

In Japan, the dragon god who controls water such as clouds and rain has long been considered sacred, and the sacred god that flows out of the dragon god's mouth is said to get rid of evil by purifying himself with water.

At this time, there were times when water did not come out of the water outlet, but I usually cleansed it with sacred water here, but on this day, I can get rid of evil just by standing in this place where the sacred air flows. increase. I felt like that.

There are many shrines and temples in the middle of the city in Tokyo, so I thought it would be a good idea to stop by and cleanse your mind and body.

I'm impatient, and when it comes to December, I always get ahead of my feelings, so let's get rid of the evil spirits and start the year with new feelings.

Japan is nice!



In search of a beautiful, glowing, ring.

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